• Setting up the reference sensor
  • The indexing to the balancing position for every plane can be followed on the screen
  • The one-hand overslung belt drive enables easy mounting of the rotor
  • Mounting of the rotor in the TBcomfort
  • More flexibility for your business: Both machines can be easily and quickly positioned in your factory by forklift truck
  • TBcomfort - for the balancing of the turbocharger components
  • Turbine on the TBcomfort
  • Small turbines are measured in special prism bearings
  • Turbine on the TBcomfort
  • Easy operation of the protective shroud of safety class C
  • Mounting the turbine on the TBcomfort
  • Balancing in the twin pack: The TBcomfort for balancing the turbocharger components and the TBsonio for balancing of the core assembly
  • Thanks to permanent calibration, only the “ABC dimensions” of the rotor have to be entered on the measuring unit

Everything quite simple

The TBcomfort is designed according to our proven operating philosophy, which actively supports the user during balancing. This begins with the easy-to-operate protective shroud, which complies with safety class C, and continues with the easy mounting of the rotor in the machine with the convenient one-hand overslung belt drive, to the logical placement of all  pushbuttons  and the touch-screen operation of our measuring units.

The setup of the machine simply requires the input of the geometric data of your rotor. No calibration runs are required with the TBcomfort.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Monoblock machine – quick set-up and commissioning
  • Large weight range for turbochargers up to 16 kg
  • Easy operation with few tools
  • Energy-efficient drive concept
  • Touch-screen operator interface
  • Individual report printout with own company header and logo

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