• TBsonio – for high-speed balancing of complete turbocharger core assemblies
  • our professional measuring unit CAB950SmartTouch  offers maximum precision with easy operation
  • Good accessibility to all components of the test area
  • Simple to operate: The protective shroud  of the TBsonio
  • The unbalance correction of the core assembly takes place in the TBsonio – without mounting or dismantling
  • The unbalance correction of the core assembly takes place direct in the TBsonio – without mounting or dismantling
  • Cleaning of the core assembly after correction
  • Measuring unit CAB 950 SmartTouch with touch-screen operation
  • Easy connection of the core assembly to the oil supply
  • The core assembly is mounted in a type-specific adapter
  • Residual quantities of oil are collected in the oil basin  and fed back to the central oil tank
  • The different core assembly types are mounted the machine with the aid of an adapter ring
  • Compact, space-saving monoblock design – The TBsonio
  • The CAB 950 SmartTouch measuring unit offers easy operation and outstanding measuring performance
  • Due to the use of mineral casting, the machine is  insusceptible to interference effects, and also requires no foundation
  • Simply magnetize the rotor. The non-contact sensor then scans the magnetically applied angle scale and displays the exact location of the unbalance
  • The protective shroud of the TBsonio complies with the highest safety class D
  • SilenceLine: Thanks to the noise insulation, no further noise protection measures are required
  • Balancing with the twin pack: The TBcomfort for balancing the turbocharger components and the TBsonio for balancing of the core assembly

High-speed balancing

Maximum speed for top quality

Low-vibration-long lifetime: On the TBsonio the core assembly is accelerated with compressed air at the end of the overhaul process, and then is balanced under largely realistic conditions. Only after this process the turbocharger has such a low residual unbalance that it reaches a quality level comparable with a new turbocharger.
The turbocharger is one of the most complex applications encountered in balancing. The reasons are the elastic behaviour of the rotors, the high balancing speeds and the required accuracy. With its sophisticated measuring concept, the TBsonio measures the unbalance over the complete speed range and then calculates the exact weight required for the unbalance correction. In this way, it achieves a measuring efficiency and accuracy comparable to our production machines. The benefit for you: fast and accurate balance.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Ergonomic machine concept for easy and safe operation
  • Perfect final balancing of turbocharger core assemblies up to 16 kg
  • Monoblock machine – simply connect the power and compressed air supply – done
  • Noise protection – no separate noise protection measures required
  • Safety – complies with the latest Machinery Directives and therefore the highest current safety standards
  • CAB950 SmartTouch offers easy operation and maximum measuring performance
  • Unbalance measurement over the complete speed range – no spot measurement or fixed speed is required
  • Perfect indexing aid with very high positioning accuracy

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